What to Live For?

I married after earning a masterís degree in psychology, and my husband gave me complete liberty to choose our manner of life. The problem was that I didnít know what to live for. Just to hold a job, bear children, grow old, and then die seemed so meaningless. But what was the alternative? I observed and listened, read and studied. Everyone seemed to know what to live for, but I didnít. Finally, I decided to find the Creator and ask Him why He created man. I thought that whatever He had in mind must be the most meaningful and significant way to live. So I began a search that lasted 13 years.

I went from church to church to church and got to know in a very superficial way what it means to be a Christian: to believe, to try to live according to the Bible, then to go to heaven after one dies. That seemed too simple, too naive, to come out of One who created this magnificent universe and this complex, intricate, and wonderful man. He must have something much higher in mind. Disappointed, I turned to Eastern religionsóbecame a vegetarian, practiced meditation for years and years, and did many other things, but all to no avail.

One day my sister, knowing my desperate search, suggested that I give one more tryógo to Los Angeles to hear Witness Lee speak. I went expecting nothing; but to my surprise, he was different. Instead of talking about belief, ethics, and behavior, he talked about life and vision. These things I had never heard nor thought about before. So I continued to listen to his speaking. One day he spoke on Godís eternal purpose for man. All the words were based on Bible verses. I was amazed. I listened, and listened, and listened. Gradually I began to have spiritual sight; the Bible began to be an open book and God became a living and attractive person in Christ.

Today I know the Creator became my Savior and He lives in me. I fellowship with Him every day. From the Bible, I have the assurance that I am now on the right path, a narrow path, to reach Godís goal in creating man.


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Romans 15:6
That with one accord you may with one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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